"I had come to the hilltop city of Altamura in southeastern Italy for a working vacation. It turned out to provide more historical and cultural enrichment than a month of guided tours. I would be working with Messors / Sinergie, a group of Altamurans dedicated to revitalizing historic sites in Puglia...we all departed with a deep sense of pride, knowing we had helped preserve a bit of history. And more than that, we were now part of it."

— Ward Lauren, Los Angeles Times

"While tracking the darting flock as it chows down on the erba medica and centofoglie plants dotted among the ochre-hued moonscape of tufo limestone, our cameras soon fall to our waists as we adopt the shepherd’s Zen-like mindset. We join him foraging for wild rocket, while engulfed with the aroma of fennel and thyme."

— Lucy Hyslop, National Geographic Traveller UK

"One thing I quickly learned about life at Masseria La Selva: everything is connected. In order to do have the concentration needed for fresco restoration we needed to be well fed, and being well fed meant eating meals that were well balanced and connected to the land. But to further appreciate where our food came from, we needed to experience our surroundings."

— Laura Kiniry, BBC Travel